Setting up a new site

Setting up a new site

We’ve worked hard to make it as easy as possible to set up a new site with Airfob Space.

Before you can set up a site, your installer or distributor will need to create the site for you.
As a site administrator, you will receive an invitation by email once the site is created. Click the link in that email and sign up for the Airfob Pro Portal using the email address where you received the invitation

Initial Setup Flow

The exact setup process may vary depending on your site and specific needs.
However, the following flow is what we recommend when setting up a new site for the first time.
It assumes that you have already installed your devices (readers) and registered them using the Airfob Pro app.

  1. Visit the Device center to view the list of installed devices. The list is updated by the distributor at install time. You can rename devices at this time to ensure they are easy to identify later in this process.
  2. Create the device groups from the Device groups menu according to the rules you set.
  3. Create holidays from the Holiday groups menu under the Access Center menu.
  4. Create schedules from the Schedules menu under the Access Center menu.
  5. Create Access levels from the Access levels menu under the Access Center.
  6. Create the user groups from the User groups menu according to the rules you set.
  7. Add a new user to store information or issue a mobile card in the User menu under the User Management menu.

If you want to know how to use each menu, click the text marked in blue.

🎬 Video Training : Intro to Setting up your First Site

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