Schedules (Add new schedules)

Schedules (Add new schedules)

Schedules are the days and hours that you want to allow users to enter and exit by authenticating with a mobile card of your site.

In the Schedule menu, you can create different time-of-day criteria for opening a particular door, such as business hours, office hours, etc. When you create an access level, the hours and days included in the selected schedule will allow users granted the access level to enter the space with a mobile card or RF card.

If you prefer watching a video tutorial, you can find a 2-minute video below.

+ Add New Schedules

Schedules are related with various menus. It is applied in all the features that allow you to set the allowed or restricted times for access in the Airfob Pro Portal, such as Access Level, Floor Level, Elevator Schedule, Lock/Unlock Schedule, etc. Before setting up each feature, first make sure that the required schedule has been created in the Schedule menu.

Click the + Add Schedule button on the top right corner of the Schedule menu, and on the Add Schedule pop-up panel, fill in the following items as described below. It will help you to understand if you refer to the example.
Name: The name of the schedule, such as opening hours, working hours, etc.
Time Intervals: Click on the day of the week or every day you want to allow access to turn green. 
Select Time: Select the start and end time when access is allowed on that day of the week
Holiday Group Time: Check the holiday group 
Group name: Select a holiday group to apply automatic access restrictions to.
Select holiday group time: Select the start and end time or All day to control access on the days included in the holiday group.

Ex. Employees can enter the office from 7am to 10pm on weekdays. Access is restricted on public holidays.
1) Press the + Add Schedule button on the top right corner of the Schedule menu screen.
2) Enter a name for the schedule as "Office Hours." (Enter a description for the schedule as needed.)
3) Under Time Intervals, click the Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri buttons to change them to green.
4) Set the start time to 7:00 am and the end time to 22:00.
5) Click the Add button.
6) Select a public holiday from the Holiday group, and click the checkbox to the left of All day.
7) Click the Add button.
8) Click the Save button to finish creating the schedule.

How to edit the Schedules information

Click the schedule you want to edit from the list, or click the checkbox next to the schedule name and click the pencil-shaped edit icon. Then a pop-up screen will be displayed and all information can be edited. If you are hesitate about what you have to fill out, please read again above.

🎬 Video Training : Schedules

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