Opening Doors with the Airfob App

Opening Doors with the Airfob App

Airfob credentials give you the convenience of opening doors using your mobile phone instead of plastic RFID cards. 

Airfob credentials are part of Suprema Mobile Access. If your business, school, or organization is not using an access control solution compatible with Suprema Mobile Access, you will not be able to use Airfob credentials.

To  use Airfob credentials you will need:
  1. The Airfob app
  2. A valid credential

If you have the Airfob app and have downloaded your Airfob credential, this guide explains how to use your phone to open doors.
For questions about using the app and getting your credentials, please visit our Quickstart Guide

Step One: Launch the Airfob App

The Airfob app must be running to use Airfob credentials.

Airfob offers two modes, foreground and background.
  1. In Foreground mode, Airfob will only open doors if the app is on screen and the mobile credential is visible.
  2. In Background mode, Airfob will open doors even when the phone is locked, as long as the app is still running. 
For help switching between modes, please refer to our Quickstart Guide.

Step Two: Touch the access control reader with your phone

Usually, bringing your phone within 5 cm (2 in) of an access control reader will activate the reader and open the door. Not all phones work in exactly the same way, however. Please refer to the diagrams below if you are having trouble.

If you tap your phone to the reader and the light on the reader turns red, or your app tells you that access is denied, you will need to speak to your site administrator about your access level. Your site administrator is usually a member of your IT, security, or HR team

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