Mobile Card (Download and Use)

Mobile Card (Download and Use)

How to add Mobile Cards

With Airfob, mobile access cards give you the ability to open doors. These are stored in the Airfob app. Access cards can be permanent, such as those for full-time company employees, or can be set to expire, such as those for short-term guests.

If you are visiting a space with an Airfob access control system and don’t have a mobile card to access the space yet, contact your host or the site administrator. They can issue a mobile card for you and you will receive an invitation by email or text message (SMS).

Click on the link included in the invitation, then the Airfob app will automatically install and your mobile card will download. All you have to do is bring your smartphone when you visit the place and simply tag it on the card reader installed in front of the entrance door. The Airfob app allows you to store a number of mobile cards.

Ex. I have a new gym membership, how can I add a membership mobile card?
1) Require the gym administrator to issue your mobile card.
2) You’ll receive an invitation by email or text message (SMS).
3) Click the link in the middle of the invitation.
4) If it is your first time using the Airfob application, it will automatically go to App Store or Play Store to download the application.
5) However, if you already have the application, the mobile card is automatically added.
6) Allow enabling Bluetooth service and Location services. The Airfob App does not store location data.
7) Everythings are ready to enter the gym using your mobile card.

How to Download the Mobile Card (1) E-mail or SMS

It is a convenient way to download the Airfob App and mobile card automatically by clicking the download link in the e-mail or SMS(mobile text message) invitation.
1. Contact to the site administrator and request issuing own your mobile card.
2. You will recieve an invitation via e-mail or SMS.
3. You have to open the invitation on your smartphone and click it. Don't try it on your computer. A download link can only be used once.
4. If the Airfob app doesn't install yet, it will automatically move to the Play Store or App Store to install the application first.
5. If you have the Airfob app already on your smartphone, the mobile card will automatically add to the app.

How to Download the Mobile Card (2) Activation Code

If, for some reason, it is difficult to download the mobile card using the link, you can add the mobile card by entering the activation code.
1. Install the Airfob App from the App Store or Play Store.
2. When installation is complete, request an activation code from the site administrator.
3. Open the Airfob app and tap the icon.
4. When the hidden menus appear, tap the add mobile cards menu.
5. Enter your mobile phone number or email address and the activation code you received.
6. Tap the ACTIVATE button at the bottom to complete.
6. Go back to the main screen of the app and use the mobile card.

Managing mobile cards

1. Several Mobile cards
Only one mobile card can be issued per site (visited space, service provider). However, multiple mobile cards issued by multiple sites can be stored in the Airfob app.
If you use the Airfob service in a co-working space, a gym, or a community center for clubs, you can issue one mobile card for each space, and you can store and use three mobile cards in one application.

2. Delete Mobile card
If you no longer use your mobile card, you can simply delete it. Open the Airfob app and select the mobile card you want to delete. You can find the trash bin icon under your mobile card and tap it to delete it. Please note that if you delete a mobile card, you cannot use it right away, and if you need it again, you must request a reissue from the site administrator.
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