How to Install Airfob Patch and Register device

How to Install Airfob Patch and Register device

Safety Precaution
Before using Airfob Patch, review the User Guide included in this caution and Retain documentation for future reference. Please use Airfob Patch correctly and be cautious of the following warnings to prevent danger or property damage.




Violating the instructions could result in serious injury or death.

  Do not install where there is direct sunlight, moisture, dust, or soot.
  - It may cause fire or electric shock.
  Do not install in places where heat is generated such as electric heaters.
  - It may cause fire or electric shock.
  Install in places where there is not much moisture or water.
  - It may cause product damage or electric shock due to moisture.
  Install in places where there is no electromagnetic interference.
  - It may cause fire or electric shock.
  - Do not self-repair Airfob Patch at user's discretion.
  - It may cause fire, electric shock, or injury.
  - If the product is damaged due to installation or repair carried out on his or her discretion, repair service is not available free of charge.




Violation of the instructions may cause minor injury or product damage.


  Do not install near strong magnetic objects such as TVs, (especially CRT) monitors, speakers, and magnets.
  - It may cause malfunction of the product.
  Apply with sufficient force so that the double-sided tape on the back of the product adheres to the surface of the access control card reader.
  - It may cause the product to fall.
  Do not attach the product if there is a trace of use on the double-sided tape or trace of removal of its protective film.
  - It may cause the product to fall.

  Do not drop or apply shock on Airfob Patch.
  - It may cause malfunction of the product.
  When cleaning Airfob Patch, wipe it with a soft dry cloth and DO NOT use water, benzene, or alcohol.
  - It may cause malfunction of the product.
  Do not reuse double-sided tape.
  - If reused, double-sided tape may lose adhesiveness and may be detached from the reader due to the impurities on its surface.
  Do not detach Airfob Patch from the surface of the access control card reader with strong force.
  - It may cause malfunction of the product.



Product size

To reboot, detach Airfob Patch first from the access control card reader. See reboot Airfob Patch below.



LED status


Installation scenario

1. Perform the RF Device Output Test and Power Test of Airfob Patch.
2. Attach Airfob Patch on the access control card reader with double-sided adhesive tape.
3. If Registering Device is successful after installing the app, setup process is complete.

After attaching, Airfob Patch operates without additional power supply.



Registering device

To register:
1. Install Airfob Pass app on the smartphone.
2. Enable Bluetooth on your smartphone OS settings.
3. Tap Device Registration, on Settings to register a device on the Airfob Pass app.
4. Sign-in Airfob Portal using the app.
5. Hold the smartphone near Airfob Patch as close as 10cm and tap Device Registration on the app.
6. Complete registration by selecting Airfob Patch. You can find the device on the registered device list.
7. Tap the Sign Out icon on the top right corner to sign out.
8. Download the mobile access card on the app by requesting Airfob Portal administrator to issue a card from the site where the device is.
9. Tap the smartphone on the access control card reader and check if valid access has been granted.

If Airfob Patch is registered, the mobile access card must be downloaded on the Airfob Pass app and the smartphone must be tapped on the access control card reader to hear the access operational sound. Device registration can fail due to Bluetooth instability or wireless interference. If fails to register, please try again.



To unregister:


RF device output test and power test

1. Position Airfob Patch on the access control card reader so that they touch each other.
2. Check if Airfob Patch LED is blinking green fast.
3. Check if the card access signal generated by Airfob Patch is recognized by the access control card reader and the operational sound is heard 5 consecutive times.
4. When Airfob Patch is powered on, it generates the same access card signal as physical proximity card 5 consecutive times.
5. Remove the protective film of the double-sided adhesive tape on the back of Airfob Patch.
6. Attach Airfob Patch on the access control card reader.
7. Move onto the Registering Device step.

If you have not heard five consecutive access operational sound on the access control card reader, reboot Airfob Patch.
1. Detach Airfob Patch from the access control card reader.
2. When powered off, Airfob Patch LED will blink red for about 6 seconds and eventually turn off.
3. Check if Airfob Patch has been powered off and start the process again from step 1.

If Airfob Patch blinks in red LED, reposition Airfob Patch.
1. Reposition Airfob Patch on the access control card reader to a different position where the LED flashes green.
2. If the power strength is strong, LED will flash every 0.5 second or 1 second.
3. If you have repositioned Airfob Patch to another location, reboot Airfob Patch and start from step 1.

Airfob Patch does not require an additional power supply. Attaching it on access control card reader will power on the device. If the access control card reader does not recognize access card signal from Airfob Patch, see If Access Control Card Reader Does Not Recognize Airfob Patch. Be careful when attaching Airfob Patch with double-sided adhesive tape. Reusing the double-sided tape can be difficult. See Safety Precautions above when installing. See article, Installation location of Airfob Patch on RF card reader for more details.



If access control card reader does not recognize Airfob Patch

1. Airfob Patch and access control card reader operate when the location of the RF coil of the access control card reader and RF antenna of Airfob Patch match.
2. If valid access is not granted by access control card reader when tapping the device with the smartphone, reposition or rotate Airfob Patch to find the position that works well.
3. The location and direction of Airfob Patch may vary depends on the access control card reader.
4. The operational scope of Airfob Patch may be small or large depends on the RF signal strength of the access control card reader and the position and size of its RF coil.








* The information on this manual is provided pertaining to the MOCA System product, Airfob Patch.
* The right to use is limited to products included in the terms and conditions of the sales agreement and guarantees by MOCA System. Any other intellectual property rights covered in this manual are not recognized.
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* Do not use MOCA System products in medical, lifesaving, life-sustaining situations, or in situations where a product malfunction can result in personal injury or death. If an accident occurs while the product is used in the above example, MOCA System employees, subsidiaries, branch offices, affiliates, distributors will not be responsible for and will not reimburse for any direct or indirect expenses or expenses related, including attorneys' fees, even if defect is found in the design or production process of the product or even if it is claimed as an important negligence.
* MOCA System may change product specifications and specification document any time without proper notice to improve product stability, functionality and design. Designers should keep in mind that features or descriptions marked "to be implemented" or "not defined" are always subject to change. MOCA System will implement or define these in the not-too-distant future, and is not responsible for any problems that may arise as a result, including compatibility issues.
* If you wish to obtain the most up-to-date specifications prior to ordering your product, please contact MOCA System, your MOCA System sales representative, or your local distributor.

Copyright Notice

* This document is copyrighted by MOCA System. Rights to other product names, trademarks, and registered trademarks belong to the individuals or organizations that own them.
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