The Airfob Pro dashboard gives administrators a high level view of what is happening at a specific site including attendance, active users, number of devices, credit status, and important events. This is the first page you will see after logging into the Airfob Pro web portal.

Today's Attendance: See how many people have been on site since midnight and the percentage of total active users they represent.
Active Users: See the total number of active users registered on your site, and the number of pending users who have not activated their credentials yet.
Devices: See the total number of registered devices on your site and the number of device groups.
Credit Status: See how many credits are currently in your account and how many you will need each month based on the number of active users and registered devices.
Usage: See a bar chart of how many people have been on your site, filtered by device group or date range. Show data daily, monthly or weekly.
Recent Actions: See important user and device actions that have happened on your site. This includes adding or removing users or devices, as well as doors being held or forced open.

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Currently the dashboard is only available on the Airfob Pro web portal. We are working on a version for the Airfob Pro mobile app as well.

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