Airfob Application FAQ

Airfob Application FAQ

Do you need any help using Airfob App?
Choose the sentence from 'On this Page' that best suits the problem situation you need help with. You can find a solution right away.

In general, contact the site administrator (the space or membership maneger where you visit) first. They can be the fastest trobleshooter.

Do I have to sign up to use Airfob app?

└ If you are using only the Airfob app, the app does not require you to sign up. However, when you run the app for the first time after downloading it, the app requires you to authenticate yourself.

I changed my mobile phone, and my mobile card disappeared.

└ If you change your mobile phone, you must request and download a new mobile card. Contact the site administrator as if you received a mobile card for the first time.

I deleted and reinstalled the Airfob application, and my mobile card disappeared.

└ If you delete the Airfob app, you must request a mobile card reissue from the site administrator. You can download the mobile card through the link in the invitation, just as you received the mobile card for the first time. Contact your site administrator.

The Apple Pay application always appears when I tag my smartphone to the reader.

└ When the NFC area of the smartphone touches the access reader, the Apple Pay can be appeared. If you activate the Tag sensitivity function in the app's settings or use the mobile card while the screen of the Airfob app is turned on, you can use the mobile card without running Apple Pay.
For more information, see here (iOS Apple Pay guide).

Can I store multiple mobile cards in an application?

└ The Airfob app can store multiple mobile cards. However, since only one mobile card can be issued per site, it is possible to keep multiple copies of mobile cards from different sites. 

I tagged my mobile card on the device, but the door doesn't work. What should I do?

└ There can be a variety of causes depending on the settings set for the app and phone. First, check all of the items below.

  1. Are Bluetooth sevices turned on?
  2. Are location services turned on?
  3. How did you set up the contact method in the Airfob app?
  4. Is the location service set to 'Always' mode?
  5. Is your network working fine?
If that still doesn't work, ask the site administrator (the space or membership manager where you visit).

Please issue a mobile card by MOCA SYSTEM.

└ Moca System supplies access control solutions, but only site administrators have the authority to view and manage user information. This is a policy to maintain a high level of security. For inquiries, please contact the site administrator.

We hope you found the right solution above.
If you are looking for more about, please click here to visit our online help center. And if you leave a ticket, MOCA support team will give you a better solution soon.

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