Airfob App Basic Troubleshooting

Airfob App Basic Troubleshooting

If your employee or customer is using the Airfob App and run into an issue, we are happy to help you find a solution. Here are a few steps that may help you solve the issue on your own, and what to do if you cannot solve the issue.

If you are not an Airfob site administrator please contact your site administrator for support. This is usually someone on your company's security, IT, or HR team. 

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Step 1

Restart the phone. Turn it off completely and then back on again.


Step 2

Completely end the Airfob Pass app.

  1. On iOS, swipe up from the Home Screen to show all apps currently running. Find the Airfob app and swipe up to terminate it.
  2. On Android, the process varies from phone-to-phone. Usually you will swipe up from the bottom of the Home Screen to show all apps currently running. Find the Airfob app and swipe up or press the [x] button in the corner of the app. For more help with Android phones please refer to Google's article on this topic.

Step 3

Turn off the BLE of the mobile phone and then turn it on again.

BLE settings are located in the top tray on iOS and Android phones. Swipe down from the top of the screen and find the Bluetooth icon. 

Step 4

Re-launch the Airfob Pass app.

Step 5

If using foreground mode, the phone must be awake to authenticate the credential. If using background mode, the phone can be awake or asleep. For troubleshooting purposes, it is better to use foreground mode.

Additional Steps

If the steps above do not resolve your issue, you can submit a bug report the the MOCA support team.

Tap the menu button (☰) in the Airfob app

Tap More

Tap Bug Report

Along with submitting the Bug Report it is helpful to send us an email at, including the following:
  1. Approximate date/time when you click Bug Report.
  2. Site ID (Optional)
  3. BLE Active [YES/NO]
  4. NFC Active [YES/NO] (Android Only)
  5. Screenshot of the Airfob App info page
    1. Tap the menu button (☰) in the Airfob app

    2. Tap More

    3. Tap Info

    4. Take a screenshot by pressing the side button and the volume up button at the same time

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