Admin (How to add new administrator)

Admin (How to add new administrator)

People who manage the Airfob Space are called admins, and they are divided into four permissions based on the range of tasks they can handle.
You can send an invitation email to add new admins, change the permissions or account status of registered admins, from the Admin menu in the Settings category.

In this article, you'll learn 1) how to invite a new admin and 2) the access/action permissions for each admin.
We've also prepared a training video for the Admin menu. If you're more comfortable learning on video, play the video at the bottom of this article.

How to Invite a new site administrator

The first administrator invited to a new site is granted master permissions. Masters can manage everything about the site, devices, and users.
If you want to add new admins, you can click the Invite button in the top right corner in the Admin menu, and send an invitation email. After the admin receives the invitation email and clicks the link in the email to sign up for the Airfob Pro portal, they will appear in the admin list.
Email: Enter the email address of the person you want to invite as a new site administrator.
Admin Role: Select the admin level you want the new admin to be given. If you scroll up a little, you can see the accessible actions by admin level.
Admin Account Status: It shows whether the admin account has been successfully signed up.

Admin Levels

There are four levels of administrator permissions for the site. Refer to the table and descriptions below before granting each account an admin level. If you're accessed as an operator or observer, you won't see some menus on your site that you don't have access to.

1) Master

The master has full access rights to the site, users, and devices, and can only be assigned by one person, so we recommend setting up a representative as the master.
The master can invite admins, operators, and observers and change their permissions.

2) Admin

This is a smaller scope of permissions than Master, and has all permissions without changing site settings and information.
Admins can invite admins, operators, and observers and change their permissions.

3) Operator

Operators are admins who are primarily responsible for user management. They can add and manage user information, issue mobile cards, and manage their status.

4) Observer

Observers can view the dashboard, users, devices, and monitoring log. They cannot modify any information.

※How to change the Master account

Only one master can exist at a site. Master'll have full management and control over users, device, and site, so be careful when granting master permissions to an account.
1. Access the site with the current master account.
2. Select an already invited admin account, or invite a new admin (invitations with Admin, Operator, and Observer permissions).
3. The invited admin will sign up for the Airfob Pro portal. (If the admin is already invited, skip this step.)
4. Select the admin, click the down arrow to the right of the admin permissions, and change it to Master.
5. The existing master will automatically switch to admin privileges.


1. Only one master administrator can apply permission. If a master changes another admin's permission to master, the current master account permission is immediately changed to admin.
2. When you invite a new administrator, you can grant them permissions that are the same as yours or one level lower.
3. If there are registered admin accounts that you don't want to be active, you can switch their account status to inactive.

🎬 Video Training : Adding Administrators in Airfob Pro

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