Add User (2. How to add bulk user)

Add User (2. How to add bulk user)

Sometimes you need to register a large number of users at once, such as when you open a new site or a university has just started a new semester. By uploading a CSV file, you can easily register multiple users to your site at once. You can also issue mobile cards to multiple registered users, or register user images.

CSV files must be generated according to rules, read below for an explanation about creating a CSV.

Import User

  1. Access the User Management > User menu and click the + Add User button.
  2. Click the Import User(s) tab when the Add New User panel appeared.
  3. If you already have a CSV file or have completely filled out the CSV template, upload it.
  4. After the import process is complete, click Issue All Cards button under Complete the Import Process to move on to the next step.
  5. You can also import user images in bulk (images that appear on the mobile card and user list).

※ Notice

  1. The CSV file must be filled out according to rules. We recommend that you download and use the template we provide. You can find detail on how to fill out the CSV below.
  2. If you do not issue mobile cards immediately, will be available for new issuance later by selecting from the user list.
  3. If you run a batch mobile card issuance, all users uploaded in the CSV file will immediately receive a mobile card and Airfob Space app download link via email or SMS.
  4. To import user image, the image filename must be the same as the user ID (user_key) entered in the CSV file. (Example: User ID: 1004 / User image filename 1004.jpg)
  5. If you modified the user template, be sure to download a new CSV template because the CSV template automatically updated according to updated user template.

How to fill out CSV template

We recommend you to download a CSV template we provide. Please read desct

User Key : User ID

Name : User name (It will appear on the mobile card and user list.)

Title : User title (CEO, Team Leader, Staff, Manager etc.)

Department : The department the user belongs to.

Start Date : 2022-12-15T15:00:23.000Z             : mobile card usage start date (Year-Month-Day)           : mobile card usage start time Hours:Minutes:Seconds

End Date : 2022-12-15T15:00:23.000Z             : mobile card usage end date (Year-Month-Day)           : mobile card usage end time Hours:Minutes:Seconds

Email : The e-mail address where the user will receive an e-mail invitation

Mobile : The phone number what the user will recieve a SMS invitation

Mobile Card ID : Generate any combination of numbers

RF Card ID : If you need to use an RF card at the same time, enter the RF card ID.

Group IDs : The ID of the user group that the user will be included in (You can find the ID in the User Management > User Groups menu).

Access level IDs : The ID of the access level that you will assign to the user (You can find the ID in the Access Management > Access level menu.)

Floor level IDs : The ID of the floor level you want to allow users to travel to via the elevator. (You can find the ID in the Access Management > Floor level menu.)

Language : Select the language in what you want to send mobile card invitations to users (English / Korean / Japanese / Dutch / Spanish / Portuguese supported)

Invited via : Enter email or mobile

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