Access Levels

Access Levels

The Access Levels menu is the final step before granting access rights to users. By assigning the items set in the previous Holiday Groups and Time Spec menus to the finally installed device, the door can be automatically controlled according to the specified schedule. Completed access levels can be assigned differently to individual users when registering users.

Preview of the Access Levels menu

ID : An ID is automatically assigned when you create an access level.
Name : It can be set using the floor and space name of the door where the device is installed.
Device group : The name of the device group included in the access level.
Device : The model name, and number of devices included in the access level are displayed.
Time Specification : The time rule granted for that access level.

How to Add Access Levels

You can create an access level by clicking the Add Access Level button at the top right of the Access Levels menu. Take a look at how to use it through an example.

Ex. I would like to open the 17th floor office and cafeteria to employees only during working hours.
1. Click the Add Access Level button.
2. In the access level pop-up screen, enter the name as 17th floor.
3. In Device Group, select the 17th floor device group.
4. Among all the devices included in the device group on the 17th floor, select the device to be set as access only during working hours. You can also select all.
5. Scroll up and select Office Hours under the Time Spec.
6. Check and save the operation time set in the corresponding time rule.
*The door installed with the device selected in number 4 can be opened and closed with a mobile card only during the hours included in office hours. The door is not open outof these hours.

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